Tuesday, 29 September 2009


big love to the man like DJ UMB at generation bass blog for showing us some love,his blog is sick so check it out HERE

Monday, 28 September 2009


been busy updating all our pages this last week,here's a link to our Fairtilzer page and here's a link to our Soundcloud page. I'll be updating the tunes on our Myspace real soon plus we got loads of new beats nearly ready. It also looks like we'll be putting out a couple of e.p's by the end of the year now so youll here them here first..........

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Radio tings...

Here's the mix form our radio show last Tuesday, don't forget to tune in every Tuesday at 8 P.M G.M.T for all the audio freshness you will ever need.....

Here's the link to the Live Stream

and below is last week's show, hosted by the man like Tiago Favela...

Chesus and Rodski on Stickam Radio 8.9.09

Friday, 4 September 2009

Barry Mandem...

We're at Bigger than Barry Sheffield tonight,anyone in the area be sure to reach.Here's the link to the facebook event.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

fistful of quarters......

this a link to the youtube playlist which shows the whole film king of kong,the last part and got sound but dont worry,its an absolute must see.

16 bit....

So anyway i saw king of kong the other day(biggups don leisure for the tipoff) and ive ben listening to zomby too much,so i ended up looking at old computer games on youtube.here are some classics form my youth with badman tunes......

this tune is BIG!

couple of bangers on here......

the music in this aint that amazing,i just love how on top the whole thing is,and the guy who comes on when its going proper mad.its no wonder i have no attention span after a load of this......

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Try Again...

Sory about the false alarm the other day,i accidently posted the un-mastered tape up,but better late then never......my new mix,bit more of a listener than a live set,hope you like it.i also hope you like the picture above,officially the best picture EVER!! Biggups to DJ Riz for tweeting it....

Rodski's Deeper and Darker Mixtape

Turn Around - Don Leisure
Love Me Like This - Floating points
Boxed - Diverse Concepts
If You Know - Skream
Black Sun - Kode 9 and Elucid
4by4 - Diverse Concepts
Deep Burnt - Pepe Bradock
Elephant Fight (Justin Martin Jungle Mix) - Christian Martin
Darqness - Karisma
The Sixpack Anthem (Harvard Bass Remix) - Orgasmik and Teki tek
Alcoolic - Popof
Baltic Pine - Boy 8 Bit
Sneeze Flex - C.R.S.T
Riverside - Sidney Samson
Moombah (Afrojack Remix) - Silvio Ecomo and Chuckie
United Groove - L-Vis 1990
Message Is Love (Mumdance Tropical 8 Bar Remix) - Silverlink Feat. Jammer
Dance! - C.R.S.T
Got Myself Together (Dom Perignon and Dynamite Remix) - Bump n Flex
Flux - L-Vis 1990
What I Need (Drop The Lime V.I.P) - Curses!
Gone Too Far (Dre Skull Remix) - Dre Skull Feat. Sizzla
1 Just 4 U - C.R.S.T
Confused - Darkwan
Kaliko - Zomby
Test Me For A Reason - Zomby
Untitled (NES Beats) - Samiyam

Monday, 20 July 2009

Then on Saturday......

We'll be at our night Music By Numbers at Glo Bar,gona be one of the last parties there and it's free so come down and watch Affie Yusuf smashing it down!!!!!

Then on Thursday....

We'll be at the Lee Cooper Pop up store in Covent Garden, the address is
All City POP UP store
37 Endell Street, Covent Garden, WC2 9H
London, United Kingdom
it's on from 7-10,not sure if it's invite only but im sure any Cardiff heads who are in town will be welcome,Matt Attack that means you!!!!

Starkey in Bristol

We'll be playing with Starkey at the Tube in Bristol on Wednesday night,its only like 5 quid and you won't get to see him play in a club that small again,so get involved!!!!!

I have found the best Youtuber EVER!!!

i was on outube today and found this dude called Brownpriderfunk,and fair play he is smashing the game.if his photo is him he must be some cholo-lowrider dude but he knows a banger when he hears one.here's his Youtube account and here are some of my personal favourites form his collection........

this is kid of a funkier twin to fate by Chaka Khan,which i cant believe is not on youtube without a blend into Stardust.Lame

This tune is just BAD!!

I used to love Brass Monkey by the Beastie Boys until i heard this.Fuck being a wannabe frat boy when you can ride out to this jam....

One last jam for the ladies...

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Gabba Ranks Volume 1

here's a little mix ive dowe for Cardiff Skateboard club,it will be available in a limited edition with hand made artwork at Buffalo tomo night,get down there......

Rodski Mix For Cardiff Skateboard Club
Gabba Ranks Volume 1

Moments in Love - Art of Noise
She blinded me with science - Thomas Dolby
It's my life - Talk Talk
Poison Arrow - ABC
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - Ryuichi Sakamoto
Too shy - Kajagoogoo
Putting on the Ritz - Taco
Just and illusion - Imagination
True - Spandau Ballet
Pan Flute/Fish and Train - Karate Kid O.S.T
Glory of Love - Peter Cetera
Burning Heart - Survivor
You're the best around - Joe Esposito
No easy way out - Robert Tepper
Hearts on fire - John Cafferty
I Ran - Flock of Seagulls
A Forest - The Cure
Echo Beach - Martha and the Muffins
Love Plus One - Haircut 100
Broken Wings - Mr. Mister

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Skateboard Sunday

Contrary to popular belief im still ramping with four wheels as well as two, so come and join me at the massive skate day at Dinas next Sunday. I might be spinning tunes in the day,not sure yet but im defo gonna play the afterparty at Buffalo so come down and get involved. if youre bored before then or just like skating then check out the C.S.C. Crew ,theyre good people.....

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Double A Ron

Just had some bits thru form Sheffield Mandem Double A Ron,as well as being resident at Sheffield night No Uniform hes making some nice dubstep.Here's his remix of Darlings of the Splitscreen

Darlings of the Splitscreen - Turn Around (Double A Ron's Push me Pull you Mix)

and heres a little mixtape...

Double A Ron - Summer Dubstep Mix

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Music by Numbers.....Continued

Don't forget it's Raffertie at Music by Numbers on June 20th,and to get you warmed up here's a little promo mix Chesus and I have done to launch the night.

Music by Numbers 001

Gonna fly now - Bill Conti
Gonna what now? - Luny P
Don't you want my Bmore? - Chesus and Rodski
Mr T's sexy interlude
Don't go there - Chesus and Rodski
Seasons - Lil Silva
Migraine skank - Gracious "Napa Man" K
Sirens - Hardhouse Banton
Raindrops (Joker and Ginz remix) - Basement Jaxx
Age of dub - Ed Solo
In 4 the kill (L-vis 1990 Hyperbass remix) - La Roux
The Bouncer - C.R.S.T
The Title - DJ P.O.L. Style
1 Just 4 U - C.R.S.T
Neighbourhood - Zed Bias
Walk in the park - DJ Oddz
Dance! - C.R.S.T
Javisst - Sonic 86
Blipstream - B.S.S and Skream
Ice Cream interlude
Iceman - Magenta
The Criss gurgle supply - Stagga
Timewarp (Chesus and Rodski remix) - Stagga
I want you (Bokbok remix) - Dre Skull
James Brown R.I.P. interlude
Gotta have it (MJ's funky dub) - MJ Cole feat. Digga
Take it back - Chesus and Tony Blitz
Sneeze flex - C.R.S.T
The Change up (Jokers of the Scene remix) - Rob Threezy
Gone too far (B.S.S. remix) - Dre Skull feat. Sizzla
Gunny Gunny (Schlachthofbronx remix) - Timberlee
Bronx dub - Don Leisure
Rocky's Parting reprise

also,here's some bonus dubs form the mix for you to lay with yourselves.......

Dont go there - Chesus and rodski

Dont you want my Bmore?

...and here's links to our Facebook and Myspace pages......



Friday, 29 May 2009

Music by Numbers.....

Music by Numbers is a new night we're doing at GLO in Cardiff, we're hoping to push the music policy to the limit and get sick talent down every fortnight,here's the line-up so far and a link to our facebook group, dont be fooled by the name, after a mix up involving us not knowing about Jackmaster's legendary night in Glasgow (sorry dude!) we will be called MUSIC BY NUMBERS and NOT Numbers Club .........
20th June: RAFFERTIE. Plannet mu / On the brink / Seclusiasis


11th July: FOAMO

25th July: AFFIE YUSUF (Machines don't care) Tragic magic/ OnTheBRINK/M.D.C/mind your head/swag

8th August: MUMDANCE

22nd August: T.B.C

29th August: KAZEY


26th September: T.B.C

Full lineup announced soon. "BIG"

24th October: DETBOI (Machines Don't Care) SKINT / ON THE BRINK / CHEAP THRILLS

31st October: Halloween with - TODDLA T (Machines don't care)


more bits.....

little bit of funky for you today,old bits but feeling theses at the moment.......

best bit of migraine skank is blate's when this drops........

big tune..

bit of minimal or dubbage or whatevs....

gotta love the occasional bit of bassline, dont be surprised to see him playing in Cardiff soon......

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

C + R in Brodinski Top Ten

Many tanks to Brodinski for putting our Crystal fighters remix in his current top ten,it should be available on Kitsune soon, you can check his blog here

Monday, 25 May 2009

some tunes...

for a change,im going to post up some newish tunes, if anyone has any mp3's they want blogged etc. then send them to me and ill post them up........

the beat on this is sick,not convinced about maxwell but i couldnt find a dub on youtube....

not really that new this one but it's a massive tune...

only found this by looking through the related tunes for the one above,it's amazing!!!!!

this tune is simply mindblowing........

the vocal on this doesnt really fit that well but some people like it.the beat tho,is DOPE!!!!! it's called swamp tarts but there isnt a video for the dub.....

this tune gets continuously stupider.......keep your eyes peeled for him playing at numbers club at GLO in the future...

this is just silly....

come on everyone....

hello everyone,just a quick post.again on sat when i played migraine skank and heads,shoulders.. hardly anyone knew the dances,so here are some instructional videos,you should all know these by now!!!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

bikes 'n that...

hi.anyone who knows me will probably be whinging about how i dont shut up about my bike.well unlucky,im taking my obsession online and posting up some cool bike videos.and no,i am not a hipster.

this video makes my physically sick

this video is dope

you can see more of the mash videos here

also, if you live in Wales and ride fixed or even just ride a bike, you should check out the fixed gear wales site and their sister group on facebook. main man Tyron and co organise a critical mass ride in swansea on the last friday of every month,we went last month and it was rad. check out their site HERE

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

What a lazy boy.....

Sorry for my terrible laziness,i have no excuse other than i have recently got a bike and am on that all the time to take advantage of the weather.let's start off this new leaf of faithfulness to the blog with some classic garage.....

This tune is BIG!!!!!

I feel good,good,good......

not really garage,i'd say more like pikey fairground music but still excellent...

as the kind soul who posted this on youtube says,this is a "BAAAAAAAAAANNNGGGEERR!!"

obvious choice this but it's a good one..

all about this mix,the other side is pony...

i know this is cheesy but if you say you don't like it then you're lying...

bit later this one,eyes peeled for bizzle as a yoot dem..

that's enough for now,more tomorrow....

Ellesse Competition

ellesse collaborates with top creatives to promote design competition

ellesse is celebrating its 50th anniversary with the design competition CREATE TENNIS ART and with uber cool illustrator and typographer Si Scott as part of the jury. The iconic Italian sportswear brand is now unveiling 2 new collaborations, with textile print superstar Kate Gibb and Greek animation genius Babis Alexiadis. Two great inspirations to enter the competition!

Kate is an internationally renowned silk screen artist having worked for the likes of Dries Van Noten, Stussy, Adidas, Virgin Records and EMI Recordings. You might recognise her signature style from her ongoing collaboration with ‘The Chemical Brothers’ which started with the cover of the album “Surrender” (remember “hey boy, hey girl....”?).

Kate was influenced by vintage images of tennis players for the silk screen print she created for ellesse (see attachment). Applying layer upon layer of colour to these original images, she developed a unique print that captures the innovative qualities of the ellesse brand and the sense of tradition in her work as a silk screen artist.

Babis’ work focuses mostly on short animations and video art productions; it is recognised for being predominantly hand-drawn with a limited digital input. Babis has created pieces for the likes of BBC Big Screen West Midlands, the Midlands Arts Centre and Friction Arts and directed two music videos. In 2008, he won the first prize in the “Your Point of View” competition run by fashion brand BSB. He has also won the public choice award in the Micropolis international film festival in Athens, Greece.

The piece he created for the ellesse 50th anniversary consists of a quirky animation featuring hand-stitched characters which took over 100 hundred hours to create. Babis used a new technique and adopted a unique palette of water colours to illustrate the brand’s colourful history. You can check it out here or here

the deadline to enter the competition has been pushed to May 10th’; all you have to do is create a piece of art or design to commemorate the ellesse 50th anniversary inspired by the brand’s Italian heritage and sporting roots in tennis.

You could win €4,500 and be sent to the ellesse 50th anniversary event this summer in Rome where your work will be on display. An opportunity you shouldn’t miss...
The categories for the competition range from fashion and textiles, right through to fine art, sculpture, street art, graphics and digital.

Visit ellesse for more details and to enter the competition.

Updates and news can be found on the competition’s facebook

Monday, 6 April 2009

Radio 1 Minimix

Hi guys, i will be doing an epic uk garage post within the next couple of days but for now here's a link to our Radio 1 Minimix ,Check it.......

Thursday, 26 March 2009

More Tuneage.....

a couple more....

sorry to double post but i found a couple more cool ones......

Some cool interviews....

Found these interviews on youtube, the Drop the Lime one is pretty funny and the Diplo/Switch album looks set to be amazing, apparently it's dropping real soon......

Some more tunes.....

Here's some more links from our fairtilizer page, i'll be posting our Radio 1 mix as soon as i get it....

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

VOTE FOR C + R!!!!!!

Hi all,we've entered the Mad Decent Remix Contest, you can play our remix below,please give us <3 and + and then we can win some cool stuff,cheers!!!

Monday, 23 March 2009

Drum fun...

I couldn't work out how to embed the image for this link but it's a cool link where you play your computer keyboard like an MPC,going out to the man like metabeats who apparently broke his one yesterday.Get well soon.....

click here

Friday, 20 March 2009

French House Goodness...

Did this mix tonight,not all strictly French House, more a load of decent bits that i don't really play out much but should and a couple of classics,enjoy.......

Rodski Goes French...

Shadows (David Rubato Mix) - Midnight Juggernauts
Vertigo (Bangalter Virgo Edit) - Alan Braxe
Engine (Erol Alkan Re-edit) - LA Priest
Music sounds better with you - Stardust
Miserable Girl (Royal Rumble Edit) - Soulwax
Face to Face (Demon Remix) - Daft Punk
Runark (Jokers of the Scene Remix) - Congorock
My Head (Para One Remix) - Boys Noize
Intro - Alan Braxe
Strangers (Strip Steve Remix) - Van She
Lava Lava ( Feadz Aval Aval Mix) - Boys Noize
Acid Life - Nacho Lovers
The Primetime of Your Life (??? Mix) - Daft Punk
Spinal Beats - Thomas Bangalter
Spinal Scratch (Madox Bootylicious Remix) - Thomas Bangalter
Superheroes - Daft Punk
We Won't Break (His Majesty Andre's Too Late Remix) - Zoot Woman
Nothing is Getting Us Anywhere (Acid Girls Mix) - Guns n Bombs
White Night Two - Surkin
Love Theme - Fred Falke

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

New Mixtape

Rodski's Mix for Shop Assistants

Boogiethon (Curtis Vodka's White Light Orchestra Edit) - Biddu orchestra
Erotic City (Computer Club Reflip) - Prince
Sea Lion (Chromeo Remix) - Feist
Paper Planes (DFA Remix) - M.I.A
Dance Reaction - Metro Area
Whispers (Hercules and Love Affair Remix) - Aeroplane
When Doves Cry/Miura - Prince/Metro Area
Vamp (Prins Thomas Diskomix) - Outlander
Happy House - The Juan Maclean
Veronica's Veil (Erol Alkan Extended Rework) - Fan Death
A&E (Hercules and Love Affair Remix) - Goldfrapp
I Like To Move In Here (Holy Ghost Remix) - Moby
Bonafied lovin (DJ Eli Remix) - Chromeo
The Deep End (Holy Ghost Day School Remix) - Curses!
Circuit (Siriusmo Remix) - David Rubato
Cross The Dancefloor (Chromeo Remix) - Treasure Fingers
Wrong galaxy - Shit Robot
Atmospherique - Metro Area
When We Were Young (Breakbot Remix) - Sneaky Soundsystem
Lion (Bag Raiders Remix) - ZZZ
You Belong - Hercules And Love Affair
Where's Jason's K? - Syclops
Blind - Hercules And Love Affair

Friday, 13 March 2009

finish on a high..

last skate post for now,end with a sick part with a sick tune off a sick album,SICK!!!

skate 3

sick part,shit song

better part,much better song,although black on both sides is a rubbish album

more skate 2

shame holmes broke his ankle, he would've been massive...

i must be a first line fiend cos heres another classic,the gaps hes skating at sf library are massive,dont let the fisheye fool you..

forgotten how dope the tunes were o this section,shadow killed it back in the day..

more skate..

some more bits,had to nip out for some chinese mid post haha. more old classics,check the first line in the wainwright section,mental...

this video is by toy machine not zero,another stupid first line...

This video led to me wearing shell suit bottoms and fubu. profound...

only posting this one for creager really but the beats on the whole thing are dope,sorry for including josh kasper i couldn't fid the section without his bit...

classic stevie..


this part was amazing when it dropped,pity hes done fuck all since..

best part of that year, if anyone has some vita dill's lying around in an 8 holla,dont care what colourway ill buy em...

and now for something completely different....

haven't posted any skate clips so i thought id start with some classics from back in the day......

Sunday, 8 March 2009

land before donk....

With all the recent hype about donk, thought i'd post some classics from my youth. I think it's fair to say they haven't aged too well but still worth a listen......

i tried to find more but i couldn't handle sifting through all the rubbish, i f anyone is actually interested in viewing more happy hardcore videos then good luck to you...

wish i still had this..

i must have listened to this tape about a thousand times when i was a kid, all the classics are on here,check it.....

Chesus has been threatening to do a jungle rinse out mixtape so keep posted for that in the next couple of weeks...

the man of mystery....

when Chesus aint pushing the club beats, this is what he gets up to, big ups to all the AM family....

lo lifes

the man chesus got lucky on thursday when i dug out a 1992 polo sport harrington with a cyclist on the back, he still got a way to go to catch up with thirstin howl III tho....

carnival fun...

went to the diplo party at notting hill last summer, this was one of the biggest tunes of the day, keep a look out for the mumdance remix of this which is out soon.....

biggest drop of the day still went to ripgroove tho, tune never gets old...

now away from the dancehall.....

best garage DJ ever mixing the work of one of the best producers ever, this mix is absolutely ridiculous,2/3 tunes a minute is no joke....

super post of excellent stuff......

in no particular order, some good stuff i have seen lately.......

don't heckle lady saw....

she got big tunes too...

you know this one

and you should know this

Friday, 6 March 2009

dow jones..

Played with south rakkas crew on wednesday, dow jones played a badman set and convinced me i need one of those controller things,check it......

Monday, 2 March 2009

Saturday, 28 February 2009

New Mixes

here's 2 new mixtapes,1 is a chopped down version of the other as we had to stick to an hour went 5 mins over anyway), we're playing with South Rakkas Crew on weds at Ten Feet tall and in Soho on Thursday,come check us if you're about innit

DJ Rodski's Magical Musical Mystery Tour

Emotion - Benga
Strange fruit - Zomby
Polyhedron (Supra 1 Mix) - Little Jinder
Archangel (Boy 8 Bit Mix) - Burial
Love in this African club - Chief Boima
Ice Box - DJ Sega
You just want it - DJ Tameil
2 much dick on the dancefloor - Claire Hux
Samir's township (Mumdance V.I.P) - Mumdance
Landler remix - Schlachtofbronx
Filthy Dukes remix - Toddla T
Fendi suit 2 - Chesus and Rodski
Mad again (Boy 8 Bit Mix) - South Rakkas Crew
Alcoolic - Popof
The raven (Kazey and Bulldog MPC reverse Mix) - Proxy
Walkin bass - Benga
26 Basslines (Chesus and Rodski 26 Waistlines Mix) - Benga
ELO x FCZ - Fourcolorzack
Get up (Diplo Mix) - Bingo Players
The Cricket scores - Boy 8 Bit
Touch too much (Fake Blood Mix) - Hot Chip
Must be a devil (Diplo Mix) - The Pixies
Music sounds better with you (L-VIS 1990 Mix) - Stardust
Giggle Riddim - Piddy P
C'est la vie (Rusko Mix) - HK119
The First rebirth - Modeselektor
Loose synths - Benga
Cold blooded - Tes la Rok
Pro nails (Rusko Mix) - Kid Sister
Hardcore girls (Don rimini Mix feat. RyeRye) - The Count and Sinden
ROXXX - His Majesty Andre
Float - Zomby
Time to pretend (Diplo Mix) - MGMT
Ghost house (The suspense is killng me part 2) - Boy 8 Bit
Drop the pressure (The Count's Mix) - Project Bassline
Divine gosa (Switch Mix) - Radioclit
Zarif remix - Toddla T
Pretty girls (Sinden Mix) - Stuffa feat. Mapei
Fired from work - Diplo
Double 99 - R.I.P.Groove
138 Trek - DJ Zinc
Fogbank (Jack Beats Mix) - Boy 8 Bit
Jack got jacked (Jack Beats Mix) - AC Slater
Whyyyy? - Chesus and Rodski
Baggy bottom boys - Jokers of the Scene
Everywhere - Paul Devro

Booxroom Radio Mix

Next hype - Tempa T
Fear (The Count saves Lily from the fear mix) - Lily Allen
Float - Zomby
Touch Me 2 - Chesus and Rodski
The Cricket Scores - Boy 8 Bit
Still C.H.E - Chesus and Rodski
AA 24/7 (Diplo Mix) - Dance Area
What (Boy 8 Bit Mix) - Jack Beats and MC Dynamite
Hold On (Switch LDN Mix) - Hot Chip
Coca Cola - Chesus and Rodski
Filthy Dukes Remix - Toddla T
Pro Nails (Rusko Mix) - Kid Sister
Landler Remix - Schlachtofbronx
Pipe dreams - Darquan
Giggle Riddim - Piddy P
Get out the way - BurgaBoy
Wobble - DJ Faz
Whyyyy? - Chesus and Rodski
Alcoolic - Popof
Ghost House (the suspense is killing me 2) - Boy 8 Bit
Goshi Goshi - The Lock Shot
Get Up (Diplo Mix) - Bingo Players
Fendi Suit 2 - Chesus and Rodski
Mad Again (Boy 8 Bit Mix) - South Rakkas crew
Zarif Remix - Toddla T
Drop the Pressure (the Count's remix) - Project Bassline
Fired from work - Diplo
Luchinimore - Chesus and Rodski
The raven (Kazey and Bulldog MPC Reverse Mix) - Proxy
Skullcrackology (Chesus and Rodski rough edit) - Mudmowth

Sunday, 22 February 2009

afrikan boy in sex and colour change scandal....

is he taking michael jackson's dark game to the next level?

some old mixes for those who didn't catch them......

Vote Eli Mixtape

Blaqstarr - Get Off
Boy 8 Bit - Suspense is killing me
Pitbull feat. Machel and Lil Rick - Move,shake,drop (Soca remix)
Chesus and Rodski - Doobiemore
Stuffa feat. Mapei - Pretty Girls (Sinden remix 0
Lil Wayne - A Milli (DJ Sega remix)
Diplo and Buraka Som Sistema - Un Milhao
Diplo and Buraka Som Sistema - Inna De Ghetto (remix)
Tigerstyle - Balle Shava (Sinden remix)
DJ Mujava - Township Funk (Kalawa remix)
Benga - 26 Basslines
Benga - 26 Basslines (Chesus and Rodski 26 Waistlines remix)
DJ Tameil - You just want it
Curses! - It's the way (Drop the lime remix)
Douster - Nosebreak (Venom and Damage remix)
Chesus and Rodski - Inner good mood
Duke Damont - Feltham (The borstal beat)
Chesus and Rodski - Can't stand it
Buraka Som Sistema - Work it (remix)
Curses! - What I need (Dexplicit remix)
CJ Bolland - Sugar is sweeter (Armand Van helden remix)
Chesus and Rodski - Down Down
Edu K - Sexomatic (Chesus and Rodski remix)
La Lupe - Fever (Sinden Remix)
Solange - I Decided (Tittsworth Rave remix)
Dead Prez - Hip Hop (Fluftronix Ghetto House refix)
Guns 'n Bombs - Nothing is getting us anywhere (Acid Girls remix)
Surkin - White Night Two
Sonz of A Loop Da loop era - Fra Out (TMX remix)

Cardifferent Mixtape 08

Meddle (Joker remix) - Little boots
Stuntastic - Blaqstarr feat. Jhi-Ali
Mr Chips - Rusko
Changes (Bodyjacking Baltimize) - Chris Lake
Township Funk (DJ Rob 3 Remix) - DJ Mujava
Head over heels - Helix
Relax in the city - Krames
Archangel (Boy 8 Bit remix) - Burial
Music sounds better with you (L-Vis 1990 Hyperbass Remix) - Stardust
Body Shock (Thomas Bangalter's Stop Start Remix) - Roy Davis Jr.
No need to front - Bokbok and Manara
Reckoner (remix) - Diplo
Crimewave (Sinden Remix) - Crystal castles
As i am (Todd Edwards Remix) - Sound of One
Funky monkey - Unknown soldier
Go Ballistic (Toddla T and Duckbeats Remix) - Ghislain Poirier feat. MC Zulu
Must be a Devil - Diplo
Fendi Suit - Chesus and Tony blizzer
Drop That Thang - Trouble and Bass
Do That - Raffertie
They call it Murder - Konrad
ELO x FCZ - FourColorZack
Sexomatic (Chesus and Rodski refix) - Edu K
Doobiemore - Chesus and Rodski
Inner Good mood - Chesus and Rodski
Got to keep on moving - Goldenchyd

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Chesus' Garage Odyssey Part 3....

haha,where is part 2? it'll be up tomo, have to re upload it.....but for now...

Chesus's Garage Odyssey Chapter 3

tina more - "never gonna let you go"(kelly g bump n go mix)
dem 2 - "destiny"
lenny fontana - "spirit of the sun(steve gurley mix)
grant nelson - "step 2 me(bump and flex dub)
zed bias - "been here before"
m dubs ft lady saw - "bump n grind"
m dubs ft richie dan - "over here" (iron mike mix)
corrupted cru ft mc neat - "poison"
dj luck and mc neat - "g.a.r.a.g.e."
james brown - "funk on a roll"(bump and flex mix)
zed bias - "neighbourhood"
dj deller - "mercenary kutz"
same people - "dangerous"
masterstepz ft richie dan - "r u ready"
groove chronicles - "masterplan"
brandy - "angel" (x men remix)
phase one - "nicoles groove"
nu design - "takin over me"
double g ft anita - "special request"
y tribe- "enough is enough"
kelle roc - "my love" (10 degrees below mix)
us alliance - "all i know"(dem 2 future mix)

Chesus' Garage Odyssey Part 1....

Chesus's Garage Odyssey Chapter 1

danny j lewis - "spend the night"
booker t - "ecstacy"
scott garcia - "waiting"
groove in motion - "be the one"
scott garcia - "its a london thing"
nu birth - "anytime"
smokin beats - "dreams"
tjr ft xavier - "just gets better"
soul 2 soul - "pleasure dome"(booker t remix)
belo horizonti - "new horizons"(ramsey and fen remix)
dub syndicate - "i need your love"(mj cole remix)
peekay - "brock out"
colours ft eska - "what you do"
rosie gaines - "closer than close"
somore - "i refuse" (r.i.p mix)
bizzi - "bizzies party"(booker t remix)
matt jam lamont - "feel my love"
deep connection - "twisted future"
miles fontaine - "miles' groove
george morel - "lets groove"
md express ft mike dunn - "god made me funky"
astrotrax - "feel the vibe"
roy davis jnr ft peven everett - "gabrielle"

and finally some serious music....

this new mylo tune will be everywhere this summer so enjoy it before it's being played in oceana...

fun at the park...

i don't think i'll ever watch this and not laugh, however i do admire the genius of putting the wheel on the roundabout,class..

drug fun

kids,go out,take pills and do this.....

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