Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Try Again...

Sory about the false alarm the other day,i accidently posted the un-mastered tape up,but better late then never......my new mix,bit more of a listener than a live set,hope you like it.i also hope you like the picture above,officially the best picture EVER!! Biggups to DJ Riz for tweeting it....

Rodski's Deeper and Darker Mixtape

Turn Around - Don Leisure
Love Me Like This - Floating points
Boxed - Diverse Concepts
If You Know - Skream
Black Sun - Kode 9 and Elucid
4by4 - Diverse Concepts
Deep Burnt - Pepe Bradock
Elephant Fight (Justin Martin Jungle Mix) - Christian Martin
Darqness - Karisma
The Sixpack Anthem (Harvard Bass Remix) - Orgasmik and Teki tek
Alcoolic - Popof
Baltic Pine - Boy 8 Bit
Sneeze Flex - C.R.S.T
Riverside - Sidney Samson
Moombah (Afrojack Remix) - Silvio Ecomo and Chuckie
United Groove - L-Vis 1990
Message Is Love (Mumdance Tropical 8 Bar Remix) - Silverlink Feat. Jammer
Dance! - C.R.S.T
Got Myself Together (Dom Perignon and Dynamite Remix) - Bump n Flex
Flux - L-Vis 1990
What I Need (Drop The Lime V.I.P) - Curses!
Gone Too Far (Dre Skull Remix) - Dre Skull Feat. Sizzla
1 Just 4 U - C.R.S.T
Confused - Darkwan
Kaliko - Zomby
Test Me For A Reason - Zomby
Untitled (NES Beats) - Samiyam

Monday, 20 July 2009

Then on Saturday......

We'll be at our night Music By Numbers at Glo Bar,gona be one of the last parties there and it's free so come down and watch Affie Yusuf smashing it down!!!!!

Then on Thursday....

We'll be at the Lee Cooper Pop up store in Covent Garden, the address is
All City POP UP store
37 Endell Street, Covent Garden, WC2 9H
London, United Kingdom
it's on from 7-10,not sure if it's invite only but im sure any Cardiff heads who are in town will be welcome,Matt Attack that means you!!!!

Starkey in Bristol

We'll be playing with Starkey at the Tube in Bristol on Wednesday night,its only like 5 quid and you won't get to see him play in a club that small again,so get involved!!!!!

I have found the best Youtuber EVER!!!

i was on outube today and found this dude called Brownpriderfunk,and fair play he is smashing the game.if his photo is him he must be some cholo-lowrider dude but he knows a banger when he hears one.here's his Youtube account and here are some of my personal favourites form his collection........

this is kid of a funkier twin to fate by Chaka Khan,which i cant believe is not on youtube without a blend into Stardust.Lame

This tune is just BAD!!

I used to love Brass Monkey by the Beastie Boys until i heard this.Fuck being a wannabe frat boy when you can ride out to this jam....

One last jam for the ladies...